We’ve been getting busy with our Craft Services business the last couple of weeks, but never fear, the hunt for good guitars has continued.

I’ve got a nice vintage Silver Tone I’m getting ready that needs a good home. And while not guitars, we also came across a small stash of band instruments: clarinets, saxophones etc. Not sure what to do with these but we’ll go through them and see what we have. If you know anyone who needs something like this, I’m sure these will be priced right. Just can’t stand to have an instrument laying around when it could be making music.

Also, we’re excited about the Nashville Amigo Guitar show this weekend. This is a larger show for us and we are just shopping this time out. However, we hope to find something good. If you are looking for something specific, let us know and we’ll keep our eye out.

Look for updates from the show!

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